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  • How does the game work?
    Boardgains can work in many ways. The best way is to set the number of GAINS that you want to attain for your workout, and the person or team who acheives the targeted number of GAINS first is the winner. Each person or team must complete the exercise that your token lands on and once you have completed the set number of reps, you throw the dice again to move to your next workout. It is a race around the board to see who can get to the number of gains first. Each player or team does their own unique workout so no need to wait for anyone else. Just Roll, Move, Repeat.
  • What are lucky cards?
    Boardgains comes with a set of lucky (or unlucky) cards that either advantage or disadvantage you or your team. Examples of these cards are as follows: - Skip It! - where you can skip any exercise that you land on - Half It! - where you can half the reps of any exercise that you land on - Douple the reps - allows you to disadvantage other players by doubling their reps - Reverse - Roll the dice and move in the wrong direction on the Board to set you back They also include additional play cards such as: - 50 Air Squats - 20 Burpees - Circuit Challenges etc.
  • How many people can play at a time?
    Solo - Boargains can be used for one person to simply create a unique and fun workout. Head to head - Take on a friend, partner, family member or spouse in a one on one race. Multiplayer - Up to 10 individuals compete simultaneously each doing their own unique workout. Teams - 10 teams of 10 people per team can play the game. You can therefore have up to 100 people playing one board at the same time. Mixed - Because each team member in a team each completes the prescribed reps, teams can fairly compete against pairs or induvidual players, making the combinations limitless.
  • How can I change it up to create a more sport focused game/workout?
    Superset your Boardgains by adding in some Kettlebell Swings each time you pass Gains, or have the teams sprint up a hill to roll the dice. Change "Invisible Jump Rope" to "Double Unders" and RX "Burpees" to "Burpees over the bar". Boardgains is so unique and versatile that you can incorporate it into just about any workout.

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